Google Ads script: Merchant Center Monitor

Monitors the merchant center(s) and warns of (new) problems at product, feed and account level.

Alert Monitoring Read-only Google Merchant Center
Sends an e-mail when something should be checked
The script monitors the Google Ads account (hourly or daily execution).
No changes are made in Google Ads, the Merchant Center or Google Analytics.
The script requires access to the Google Merchant Center.

 Example alert email

The alert emails list which (new) problems exist in which merchant center. Here is an example with a price discrepancy between feed and website:

Google Ads Script Metrics Out Of Limits Alerts Alarm Email

Clicking on the link in the "merchantCenter" column will take you directly to the corresponding Merchant Center.
Clicking on the link in the "productId" column will take you to the product page in question in the online store.
By clicking on "Google Ads Account" you are immediately in the Google Ads account of Demo AG.

 Example script configuration

Link to the demo configuration sheet for MerchantCenterMonitor.


  • The Google account used to execute the script must also have access to the Merchant Center! Unfortunately, the Google Ads interface only shows who created the script - but this is irrelevant and may differ from the Google account with which the script is executed hourly.
  • In the "accountSettings" sheet, you must specify the merchant ID(s) for each Google Ads account. If a Google Ads account uses multiple Merchant Centers, please specify the Merchant Center IDs as an array.
    For example: 123456789,2222222
    If one or more merchant centers are contained in an advanced account (a different merchant center ID is shown in the top right-hand corner than in the top left-hand corner), then both numbers must be entered with > in between. The actual merchant center ID is on the right and the ID of the managing merchant center is on the left.
    For example: 1111111111>123456789,1111111111>2222222

Configuration parameters

#executeActivate the script only for Google Ads accounts that use at least one Merchant Center.
reportIssuesModeIf you set the setting to "onlyNewSinceLastRun", the AdsScriptsManager remembers which problems were already reported during the last run and only notifies you of new problems.

Parameters that apply to all scripts

 Download Google Ads script Merchant Center Monitor

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