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The Google Ads Scripts Store contains many high-quality scripts that you can use for free.

 Free Google Ads Scripts

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Warns if changes have been made by an unauthorized Google account (e.g. the customer's Google account).

Monitors whether search queries match the keywords and automatically adds negative keywords if configured. Also for shopping campaigns!

Monitors any key performance indicators (KPI) such as impressions, costs, conversions etc. in the Google Ads account and alerts you if absolute threshold values or percentage deviations are exceeded.

Monitors the Merchant Center and warns of (new) problems at product, feed and account level.

Reloads the feeds in the Google Merchant Centre every hour so that updates in the feed go online quickly instead of just once a day.

Warns if the budget today, yesterday or in the last x days exceeds a defined percentage of the daily budget. Also works with shared budgets across multiple campaigns.

Continuously checks whether the spending of Google Ads accounts is within the defined monthly budget. Warning by e-mail and optional automatic campaign pausing.

Warns if a smart bidding strategy without target definition (target CPA or target ROAS) has been configured.

Warns if the current ROAS of the last x days deviates too much from the configured target ROAS. Parameters freely configurable.

Creates a proposal for an RSA for import into the Google Ads Editor for each ad group without a responsive search ad.

Tests all final URLs in a Google Ads account daily. Warns if pages are not accessible or if configurable texts such as 'not available' appear on the page.

Adds labels in which month+year an element (keyword/ad/⁣ad group/⁣campaign) was added and marks new elements.


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Alert Sends an e-mail when something should be checked
Monitoring The script monitors the Google Ads account (hourly or daily execution).
Save costs The script helps to avoid unnecessary or unwanted expenditure.
Optimization The script can improve the profitability (ROAS / CPA) of Google Ads accounts.
Keep clean Helps to keep the Google Ads account clean.
Changes in Google Ads Changes are made directly in the Google Ads account.
Changes in Google Ads (optional) If desired, changes can be made directly in the Google Ads account.
Read-only No changes are made in Google Ads, the Merchant Center or Google Analytics.
Read-only (if desired) If desired, no changes will be made in Google Ads, the Merchant Center or Google Analytics.
Google Sheet is created A spreadsheet file is created or edited in your Google Drive that only you have access to.
Adds Labels The script marks campaigns, ad groups or keywords with labels.
Adds Labels (optional) If desired, the script can mark campaigns, ad groups or keywords with labels.
Google Ads Editor Data is created for further processing in the Google Ads Editor.
Google Ads Editor (optional) If desired, generated data can be used in the Google Ads Editor.
Google Merchant Center The script requires access to the Google Merchant Center.
Google Analytics The script receives data from Google Analytics.
Tool The script can be executed if required.

 Free use of the Google Ads scripts

Several hundred hours of work have gone into this Ads Scripts Store. Nevertheless, as much as possible should be and remain free to use, as is normal in an app store. In addition to paid services such as the integration and programming of individual Google Ads scripts, there is a web application that offers even more convenience and faster troubleshooting of problems in the Google Ads account. This web application is an optional extension and will replace or supplement the script notification by e-mail.

  • Scripts published here for free will remain free of charge – even after the beta phase.
    And many more are to follow.
  • For other scripts, the simple notification by e-mail via Google Ads scripts will remain free of charge.
    Small fees may be charged for convenience functions such as links in emails directly to the Google Ads account or to the configuration file.
    The same applies to advanced functions such as the automatic addition of negative keywords or the creation of files in Google Drive.
  • As in the Apple Play Store or Google Play, paid scripts are planned for a later date. This makes it interesting for developers to program complex scripts or to make scripts that were previously only used internally by agencies available to the public.
  • In short: it should be similar to the Apple Play Store or Google Play: Completely free use should be possible and fun, but some functions will cost a small fee and some developers will only make their apps available for a fee.

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