Google Ads script: Check smart bidding without target

Warns if no target ROAS or target CPA has been defined for a campaign with a smart bidding option. It's a very simple monitor, but especially for newly acquired Google Ads accounts, it's good to be proactively alerted to optimization opportunities automatically.

Alert Monitoring Save costs Keep clean Read-only
Sends an e-mail when something should be checked
The script monitors the Google Ads account (hourly or daily execution).
The script helps to avoid unnecessary or unwanted expenditure.
Helps to keep the Google Ads account clean.
No changes are made in Google Ads, the Merchant Center or Google Analytics.

 Script developer: InBiz Online Marketing GmbH & CO. KG

The script was developed and provided for free use in the Ads Scripts Store by InBiz Online Marketing GmbH & CO. KG. Thank you very much!


 Configuration parameters

This script works completely without configuration parameters. With this script you can set the default #execute to TRUE without hesitation, so that it is also automatically executed for new accounts.

Parameters that apply to all scripts

 Example script configuration

Link to the demo configuration sheet forCheckSmartBiddingWithoutTarget.

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