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The scripts from this website are updated automatically, just like in the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. The scripts are configured centrally in a Google spreadsheet (which we do not have access to). Therefore, each Google Ads account receives individualized scripts that contain information about this configuration file, for example. It is therefore necessary to register for the Ads Scripts Store.


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Registration for the Ads Scripts Store

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Note: A confirmation link will also be sent to this address. You should therefore have access to the mailbox. This e-mail address does not have to belong to a Google account and is only used to log in here and to communicate with you.
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 Is the Ads Scripts Store and AdsScriptsManager safe?

We do not have access to your Google Ads account or any other files or Google Ads statistics. Unlike other Google Ads tools, we cannot log into your Google Ads account or that of your customers. No critical data is transmitted to us either during registration or later when using the scripts. You configure where script results are sent (mostly email addresses). Only a small amount of data such as the Google Ads ID, the administrator's email address etc. is required for operation and is therefore known to us. The scripts you download here are very short and only contain the information needed to load the actual script code from our server. Through this system, you will automatically receive script updates just like in the App Store or Play Store. Google is introducing more and more changes to Google Ads, which also have an impact on scripts, so Google Ads script updates are becoming increasingly necessary. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

 Registration procedure

These points are repeated step by step below during the registration process.

  1. Fill in all the fields at the bottom of the form.
  2. Copy the displayed script code to the clipboard.
  3. Log in to Google Ads. If you use a management account, the scripts belong in this account - not in a managed individual account. If you use several administration accounts, it makes sense to use the root administration account. Note: You currently need an MCC (management account) for the scripts from our Ads Scripts Store. However, you can create one quickly and free of charge (link) and add your existing account there. Please install all scripts in the administration account.
  4. Create a new script with the name "ASM registration" https://ads.google.com/aw/bulk/scripts/management.
    If you have never installed a script before, please also refer to our instructions for installing a Google Ads script.
  5. Paste the script from the clipboard into the editor.
  6. Click on "Preview" at the bottom right and then on "Authorize" in the yellow bar and agree.
    Now the following happens:
    • an AdsScriptsManager directory is created in your Google Drive.
    • A copy of our configuration spreadsheet is created in this directory.
    • Some of your details will be added to your configuration spreadsheet. We do not have access to your Google Drive or your configuration spreadsheets!
    • Some details such as your company name and email address are sent to our server for registration. It is easy to see which data this is in the script.
  7. You should now have received a message with a link at the email address you entered.
  8. Please click on the link to complete the registration.
  9. You no longer need the "ASM registration" script. You can disable it in the script overview. Simply click on "Options" and then on "Disable".

You can then use the scripts here in the Google Ads Scripts Store. You can set the parameters for each individual account in your management account in your configuration spreadsheets. You can configure in the spreadsheet on which day and at what time a script is executed with which parameters for which account and who should receive reports created by the script.

No further adjustments are necessary in the script code itself.

 Terms of use

  • This service is provided without any guarantee and without liability!
  • Only one Ads Scripts Store account per company.
  • All files, e-mails etc. created with the help of AdsScriptsManager are intended for human users only. The use of this data by other programs (ERP systems, ticket systems, other scripts etc.) requires an individual agreement, usually subject to a fee.
  • The rights of data-inside GmbH to the AdsScriptsManager and the published scripts and, where applicable, the rights of the authors of the scripts must be respected.
  • The use of the AdsScriptsManager or parts thereof outside the scripts published here is only permitted after prior agreement. This applies in particular to publication on other websites or the use of local copies.
  • The service may be financed by advertising in the future. In particular, e-mails may then also contain advertising.

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