Keyword Mixer online tool

The Keyword Mixer is a free keyword tool that enables you to automatically generate new combinations from several lists of keywords and thereby to place Google Ads in a more targeted way using phrases, for example.

 How does the free Keyword Mixer work?

The keyword mixer creates various combinations (or permutations) from up to four lists of keywords that you define. Each keyword is combined with every other keyword – the keywords are also generated in different orders in the permutation.

The new keyword lists are generated in your browser so no data will be transferred anywhere.

Tip: Two keyword research tools which generates keyword lists for you

 Keyword-Generator = mix keyword lists to new keywords

Please enter your keyword lists here


Normalize keywords

Please define how the keywords above should be normalized. Each list A, B, C, D will be processed separately.

 "key-word" ⟹ "key word".
Attention: {keyword:...} prints hyphens in keywords into ads.
You get this normalized and cleared up keyword lists show

Keyword Mixer combines the keyword lists to generate new compositions

Please define the order how the keywords lists should be combined:

Please enter keywords in the list above first.

Keywords of each column separately

select all    unselect all

Concatenation of keywords in two columns

select all    unselect all

Concatenation of keywords in three columns

select all

unselect all

Concatenation of keywords in four columns

select all

unselect all

Generate keywords for all keyword options you want

generate keywords are to many keywords. Please reduce to

Result: new keywords mixed from the keyword lists above

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