Google Ads Skript: Hourly updates of Merchant Center feeds

Updates the feeds in the Google Merchant Centre every hour so that updates in the feed go online quickly instead of just once a day.

Google Merchant Center Tool
The script requires access to the Google Merchant Center.
The script can be executed if required.

This script is ideal for anyone who lets download the feeds in the Google Merchant Centre once a day from the server or from a Google Spreadsheet. Updates in the feed are then not only transferred to Google Ads the next day, but at most one hour later.

 Advantages of hourly feed updates

  • Product price changes go online quickly. If higher prices appear in the shop than in the shopping advert, this is a conversion killer. And if the prices have been lowered, you miss out on valuable visitors and possibly conversions until the update the next day.
  • Products that are no longer available are no longer advertised. Pointless costs are avoided.
  • New products in the feed can be advertised.
  • Product feed optimisations such as title, description etc. appear quickly in Google Ads ad copies.

 Script developer

This script is based on a script from Webmasterei Prange. Bernhard Prange from Webmasterei Prange has released it for publication here so that it can be used free of charge by anyone here in the Google Ads Scripts Store.

Bernhard Prange conversearch

 Configuration parameters

Usually, #execute only needs to be set to TRUE for the accounts for which the script is to be executed.

ignoreFeedsIf certain feeds should not be updated you can specify this here. This is useful for old feeds, for example, which currently have no timer for automatic downloads.
Example: ["123456:feed name A", "9999:feed name B"]
Then the feed "feed name A" is ignored in the Google Merchant Centre with the ID 123456 and the feed "feed name B" is ignored in the Google Merchant Centre with the ID 9999.

Note: Feeds that cannot be updated are automatically skipped.

Parameters that apply to all scripts

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