Google Ads script:
Account metrics out of limits alerts

A simple to use, but very powerful script with which you can monitor whether metrics are within a permitted range for a freely definable period of time.

Alert Monitoring Save costs Read-only
Sends an e-mail when something should be checked
The script monitors the Google Ads account (hourly or daily execution).
The script helps to avoid unnecessary or unwanted expenditure.
No changes are made in Google Ads, the Merchant Center or Google Analytics.

 Example alert email

In this alarm email, the problem was recognized that the costs of the last 2 days were more than 30% higher than in the comparison period (previous period). Diagrams with (configurable) metrics are always displayed below the detected problems.

Google Ads Script Account metrics out of limits alerts Alarm Email

Click on "alerteIncrease" to go directly to the "alerteIncrease" parameter in the config sheet of the Account metrics out of limits alerts, so that you can immediately adjust the "30%" for alerteIncrease or other parameters. By clicking on "Google Ads Account" you are immediately in the Google Ads account of Demo AG. cost_micros is Google's metric name for the costs.

 Example configuration

Here the Google Ads account of "data-inside GmbH" is monitored with regard to the metrics impressions, cost and cost per conversion. For the Demo AG only clicks will be monitored.

Google Ads Script Account metrics out of limits alerts Configuration


It is advisable to monitor several key figures for each account. If several unauthorized deviations are detected, you will receive all of them together in one email.

Link to the demo configuration sheet for Account metrics out of limits alerts.

 Configuration parameters

metricNameIf you click on the small arrow in the cell, you can select the most popular metrics (Costs, impressions, costs per conversion, average costs, clicks, conversions, conversions by time, conversion value by time) directly. But other metrics are also possible. See
daysBackRecent1 = analyze the period from yesterday, 0 = from today
daysBackCompareTo7 = compare with the metrics of a week ago.
numberOfDays1 = only consider the metrics for one day. The value must be less than or equal to daysBackCompareTo.
alertLessThanAbsolute value. An alarm email is sent if the value falls below this value.
alertGreaterThanthe same for greater
alertDecreaseCompares the "recent" period with "compareTo" over the defined number of days. If "recent" deviates downwards by more than alertDecrease %, you will receive an alert email.
alertIncreasethe same for increase
#hoursTip: If metrics are to be checked from yesterday, set #hours=5,6,7 so that the execution does not take place directly after midnight, when some metrics are not yet provided by Google.

Parameters that apply to all scripts

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