Google Ads script: Label Since and New

The script sets labels for keywords, ads, campaigns and ad groups (configurable) in which month+year an element was added to the Google Ads account.

Monitoring Adds Labels
The script monitors the Google Ads account (hourly or daily execution).
The script marks campaigns, ad groups or keywords with labels.

When doing long-term analyses and comparing the performance of different ads in an ad group, for example, you often ask yourself when an ad was added to the ad group. With this script, you can immediately see when which element was added to the Google Ads account.

Here is an example with labels from August 2023 with keywords that were added at completely different times. The top keyword was added completely new, which is why it was given the label "zi_new" for a few days (configurable).
Google Ads Script Label Since and New Labels

 Script developer

We developed this script on behalf of the company conversearch. David Schlee from conversearch has released it for publication here so that it can be used by anyone free of charge.

David Schlee conversearch

 Program schedule

Initialization phase

In this phase, all elements that do not yet have a timestamp label are given one. The system checks in which month the first impression was achieved.
Note: For large accounts, it may take a few hours until labels have been set for all elements.

Update phase

Adding zi_since and zi_new labels

If all elements have received labels, the system checks each time the program is called whether there are new elements without a zi_since label. If so, these elements receive the zi_since label from the current month, as well as the zi_new label.

Removing zi_new labels

The zi_new label is removed again after x days (configurable).

 Configuration parameters

Except perhaps newLabel_numberOfDays, most users will not customize any values. The script can be executed well with the default settings.
After the first execution, subsequent changes to the values should be avoided at all costs!

entityTypeDefault value: ["campaign","ad_group",
For which elements should labels be set?
newLabel_nameDefault value: zi_new
What should the label for "new element" be called?
Default value: 30
How many days should the "newLabel" be assigned to an element?
newLabel_colorDefault value: #ffff00
What color should the "newLabel" be?
Default value: [no value]
How many months back should labels be provided with a month+year timestamp? No value means from January 2000. Depending on the age of an account, this can lead to a large number of new labels. If you do not want this, you can enter 24 here, for example, so that only a maximum of 25 new labels are created. Elements older than 24 months will then receive the label "zi_since 2022-06 or earlier".
Default value: ["zi_since "]
This specification causes labels such as "zi_since 2024-06" to be created. Note: The specification of this value in square brackets and quotation marks is only necessary because the value ends with a space and the space would otherwise not be visible in the configuration sheet.
Default value: #795548
What color should the timestamp label be?

Parameters that apply to all scripts


zi_newIs set when a new element is recognized and automatically removed again after x (newLabel_numberOfDays) days
zi_since 2024-06Newly recognized elements are given a label indicating the current year and month.
zi_since 2022-06
or earlier
If a value has been defined for "timestampLabel_monthsBack", the system only looks back x months to see when elements received their first impressions. Elements that may have been added to the account much earlier are marked with "or earlier".
zi_since 2024-06
without impressions
Elements that already existed when the script was first executed but have not yet received an impression are given this label, as it is not possible to determine when the element was added to the account.

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