Tip for paused Google Ads accounts

When a company goes on vacation, the Google Ads account often goes on vacation too and all campaigns are paused. It is then important that you do not receive any unwanted warning emails. This can be done quickly and easily.

 Pause the execution of Google Ads scripts for a certain period of time

Why you should pause scripts

It is important that you do not receive any pointless warning emails, because otherwise you will tend to ignore them. You should therefore pause script execution for paused accounts.

How do I pause script execution in the Config Spreadsheet?

All scripts in our Ads Scripts Store are configured centrally in a Google Spreadsheet. This allows you to make central settings that apply to all scripts in a Google Ads account.

In the "accountSettings" tab, you can easily set until when scripts should be executed for a specific account and when the execution should start again. All you have to do is define startDate and endDate. For example:


If you double-click on the cell in the Google sheet, a nice calendar opens (the sheet linked above only has read access, unfortunately this does not work there).

Special settings for certain scripts

For some scripts/settings you may have to set different days for "startDate" or "endDate". This depends on which period is being analyzed for key figures. The settings at script level overwrite the settings in the "accountSettings" tab.

 Pause scripts for your own company vacations

In the "globalSettings" tab, you can use the execute checkbox at the top to pause the execution of all scripts if you do not want to receive any emails from scripts from the Google Ads Scripts Store for a few days. For a script to be executed, execution must be permitted at all levels (globalSettings, accountSettings and in the script sheet itself). Don't forget to switch it on again when the company vacations are over :-)

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