Config sheet setup for new users

Simple step-by-step instructions on how to use the scripts in the Google Ads Scripts Store – even for large management accounts with well over 50 accounts.

 Customizing the config spreadsheet

Most of the settings in the config spreadsheet can be used as they are, only a few things really need to be adjusted.
Here you can see what a config spreadsheet looks like (the colors are relevant for the instructions).
After registering here on the website, for example, a customized config spreadsheet is created in your Google Drive (which only you have access to – we don't), in which scripts are already configured to send emails to the email address specified here during registration. However, you can override this so that scripts for each Google Ads account send the emails to different email addresses (account managers) (column J in the config spreadsheet). There are very few parameters that really need to be configured so that, for example, the links in emails can link directly to the appropriate place in the relevant Google Ads account. We have created a step-by-step guide that describes in detail what can be adjusted and which settings need to be made. Please log in first, as the instructions contain links that are specific to your Google account.


Here you can register as a new user for the Ads Scripts Store with the free Google Ads scripts:
Registration for new users


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