How the Google Ads Scripts Store works

Overview of how the scripts work here and the script execution process.

 How do the scripts in the Google Ads Scripts Store work?

In your Google Ads account, you configure which Google Ads Scripts you want to use. To do this, a small script loader is inserted into your Google Ads management account using copy & paste. As a registered user, you will receive this loader on the page of each script. This loader contains a few account-specific details, which is why registration is necessary here. The actual script is loaded by this loader from our server so that you do not have to worry about updates. When a script is started for the first time, a tab for the new script is automatically created in the central configuration spreadsheet (example). A row is created in this sheet for each account (configurable) in your administration account so that you can run the script with different parameters for each Google Ads account.

You determine who has access to your data

We do not have access to your Google account, your configuration spreadsheet or the Google Ads accounts contained in your management account!
In the diagram below you can see that there is a clean separation between your data (left), this website (center) and the server-side AdsScriptsManager (right).
Also, the customers in your Google Ads management account do not get access to your script configuration or the script results – unless you give them the rights.


 AdsScriptsManager = JavaScript framework + web application

The core of all scripts here in the Google Ads Store is the AdsScriptsManager. It was developed so that:

  • Google Ads scripts can be easily configured centrally and conveniently for several hundred Google Ads accounts.
  • Non-technical people can use Google Ads scripts if they are not confident enough to make changes to the JavaScript code.
  • Execution for more than 50 accounts (Google's limit) is no longer a problem.

As you can see in the diagram below, there is a strict distinction between what happens in your Google Ads account and what happens on our server. The data and results of scripts remain in your Google account or are sent to the users you have defined. Our server only delivers the scripts suitable for your Google Ads account.

Ads Scripts Manager Workflow Graph

JavaScript side

At its core, the AdsScriptsManager is a JavaScript framework with these core tasks:

  • Execute Google Ads scripts with appropriate parameters for each Google Ads account, which are maintained in a central config spreadsheet so that no changes need to be made to the JavaScript code.
  • A JavaScript library with modules that are used in different scripts. This makes script development faster.
  • A JavaScript framework that takes care of the execution of the scripts, caches data and ensures that the results are emailed to the right people.

Server side

As the aim of the Google Ads Scripts Store is to make it as easy as possible for non-technical users to use, no changes need to be made to the JavaScript code. Users do not have to worry about updates either – just like in Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store. Only a small JavaScript loader is copied from this website and pasted into Google Ads. When this is executed, the actual script (in the current version) is loaded from the server. The server then returns the actual script to Google for execution.


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